V – Victor Side Lever

I can’t help but think of a slot machine every time I look at my tabletop press. Okay, it doesn’t have dials with fruits and coins…and it certainly doesn’t spill money. It does, however, have that same satisfying side lever. It’s a stretch, maybe, but it’s what I imagine every time I pull the lever…the ink disk even makes this great sound that’s reminiscent of those dials spinning.

The strangest part of my table top press is its name. I’ve done a fair bit of research and even found an advertisement for the press in an article at circuitousroot.com (link). It even lists a name: The Victor Side-Lever

But, if you look on the side of the press…you see this:


Mercury Model 6 x10, Excelsior, Kelsey and Company

Then on the back of the bed


Model W

So, in theory, this might be a Kelsey Victor Side lever Mercury Model 6 x10 Excelsior Model W…yup, I know…the name is bigger than the press…and the order of the names may be wrong.

I’ve spent a lot of time switching the name around: Kelsey Excelsior…victor Mercury…mercury Excelsior Victor…I feel like there is an order that is correct…and that this is, for some reason, is important.

I wish discovering it was as easy as pulling the side lever, watching the dial spin and waiting to see if the dials land on a winning combination. It might even light up and play music…


One thought on “V – Victor Side Lever

  1. It’s sad that so much of that old “stuff” is lost as time moves forward. It’s a good thing there are people who find these antiques interesting enough to preserve them or they might be lost from history forever. We tend to always see the “new and improved” as better, but that’s not always the case.


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