K- Keep It or List It

So, when I purchased the press, it came with a lot of other equipment.

Some of this equipment is necessary: The Press, Leading, Furniture, Lead Cutter, Tympan Roll


Some of this equipment is desirable: Type, Kelsey tabletop press

Some of this equipment is superfluous: Raised printing conveyor, decorative rule

But, at some point, there gets to be too much stuff (don’t tell  other letterpress printers I said this…from my what they’ve told me, there is never enough). So, now I need to decided…Keep it or List it on Ebay, Craig’s list, or some other site.

For instance, I have over a 100 cases of type. Some of these, I will never use…probably more than some. Other people, though, might. So do I weed out a few and sell them? Or do I squirrel them away to possibly use in the future? I don’t have a use for the tabletop press at the moment, but some other printer might cherish it…decisions…decisions.


4 thoughts on “K- Keep It or List It

  1. Having purchased my parents’ home, full of stuff that was theirs, my siblings and my own, I completely understand your concern. I have recently decided to ‘let go’ of some things. I try to find family who wants it, give to charity, or recycle. But there is always more I just stare at, unable to decide. I don’t think I will ever sell through those sites because I have no idea how. Good luck with your decision. Great use of k.


  2. Gorgeous stuff though – it just makes my mouth water. There is a tool shop in Bristol which sells old tools, lovely wooden-handled implements for all sorts of jobs, some of which I’ve never heard of. If you go in, holding the handles, you can sometimes feel where someone has used the tool over and over. I inherited some of my grandfather’s tools – he helped build the ‘Bluebird’ racing car of Donald Campbell fame, and I think I must have inherited something in my genes!


  3. I’m wondering why you have to decide yet? If you don’t desperately need the money or the storage space, why not keep your options open as you see where your art of printing evolves? — Jaye from Life Afloat


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