J – Just One More Thing

I have discovered that printing, like most of my interests, involves a lot of attention to detail and a lot of little pieces of equipment. After I purchased the press and set it up, my wife wanted me to print something–but I couldn’t.

“I just need one more thing,” I told her.

And I did. I didn’t have gauge pins to hold the paper in place.

Gauge Pin used to hold paper in place on the press.

So, I made some gauge pins out of cardboard and ordered a nice set online.

Those first prints turned out okay, but the impressions weren’t as clean as I wanted. I experimented with some minor tweaks, but the culprit was an old piece of warped redboard (coated cardboard that is placed on the platen to protect type).

So, I purchased some new redboard (which is oddly difficult to do).

Redboard placed on platen

Well, then I wanted to print a nice light blue. I mixed the ink by hand (after buying some white ink), but the result was only okay. I needed the Pantone color charts to get the mixing guides.

Just one more thing…


I think you see where I’m going with this. I always seem to need just one more thing: digital calipers, new paper, more ink, new type line gauges, cutting mats, the list can go on and on…

I keep telling myself that it has to end at some point and I’m sure it will…

But I just need one more thing first.


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