H – Herons

One of my first projects was a series of 3 linocuts of Great Blue Herons. There were several challenges with this project: 1) I was new to linocuts, 2) I drew the images myself (and I’m not an artist), and 3) I had much to learn about actually printing linocuts.

I printed up twenty of each linocut and they turned out…well, okay. They looked a little heavy and the edges weren’t as clean as I’d like, but I wasn’t really sure what to expect at that point. I sent off a set to my mom and an aunt, who very politely (they are family after all) said they were beautiful. I think we gave a few others away as gifts and now I am out of them.

After some hard won knowledge and experience, I’ve gotten the images to print more clearly and evenly (thanks Briarpress.org). As well, my carving technique has improved and is far more clean. I’m left then, with the question, is it worth printing anymore Herons?



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