E – Envelopes

I have a problem…with envelopes. I have lots of envelopes, so it’s not a problem of finding them…or printing on them. It’s that my wife doesn’t like them.

I had no idea that envelopes were such complex and varied items. There are different sizes (A-1,  A-2, A-6, A-7, #9, #10, etc). There are different types (commercial, catalog, booklet, announcement, square, baronial, remittance, etc). There are different flaps (square, deep, pointed, commercial, baronial, wallet, etc).

Oddly, though, it’s the flaps that are my problem. The envelopes that match the paper I use are square flapped. They look…great. They are great. They seal nicely and look very professional. So what is the problem? They are difficult to tuck…this is what my wife finds off putting.

Square Flapped Envelope

It turns out that, if you don’t want to seal them, just tuck the flap inside the envelope, it’s hard–almost impossible. The flap kinks or folds…or even tears. They are ‘tuckable,’ but it’s not easy and takes perseverance.

My wife has a point. The envelopes are hard to tuck.

But I like them.

What am I supposed to do?


6 thoughts on “E – Envelopes

  1. I totally understand this! I have some fancy stationery with those square envelopes and they are hard to tuck. I keep them just for things I’m mailing where I want to lick-n-stick them anyway!


  2. Hmm, i love stationery and actually giving and receiving hand-written notes, but living on a boat, the constant humidity, makes envelopes that are stored too long steam themselves shut. In the age of electronic communication, handwritten things just become even more important.


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