D – Driftwood

Driftwood: A Long Term Project

As an experiment, I set a poem I wrote a few years ago, Counterweight (after which the press is named). I set it so that it produced a small keepsake that could be sent as an A2 sized card. I added the title to the envelope and a three line decoration that matched the title page of the card. Then I sent it off to family and friends to ‘announce’ the purchase of my press.


It was fun to make and I enjoyed thinking about the design and even considered creating a linoleum cut that could go with it (but that was a bit over-ambitious for the first attempt). At the time, I thought it would be fun, someday, to contact various friends (writers and artists) to see if they had something I could print…create a little series of finely printed ‘cards’ and send them out to other writers and artists…like little pieces of driftwood that would appears every so often.

I still have this in mind…a Driftwood Series.

There are a few hurdles…time, paper, ink, postage, and, of course, authors/artists…but I think it would be worth the time and effort.  I like the idea of getting a finely printed piece in the mail every so often– a poem, a short excerpt of fiction or nonfiction, an original linocut or print.

What do you think?


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