From the Right Angle – FFfAW 52

This piece is inspired by the prompt at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The key elements are the photo below and a word count of 125-175.

Park Bench

Note: My story relies upon a little childhood knowledge…a book I remember reading and that I’m sure some of you have read…but, for those of you who don’t know it, here’s a link to a goodreads post: Danny and the Dinosaur.

I suppose it doesn’t look like much more than a park bench. Danny insisted that it be useful and I remembered how much fun we had the day we met at the museum…it’s not often that a boy and a dinosaur get to roam free. He said that from that back it could look like me, or two of me, the red slats of the bench my passengers to the ball game, the museum, downtown, or anywhere we could imagine. So, I’m here, the slats going down the length of my neck and over my back. Sometimes people come by and sit for a while, but I’ve always pictured Danny sitting here holding tight for a ride or covering his eyes and counting for hide and seek.  He has yet to come, but I can do the counting without him.



2 thoughts on “From the Right Angle – FFfAW 52

  1. Oh how cute! I see this story as an imaginary person that is part of the bench that longs for Danny to come and play Hide and Go Seek or going on an imaginary ride. Adorable story! I will have to check out that book, “Danny and the Dinosaur.” Thank you for your participation and also, thank you for being my 50th entry for this challenge. 🙂


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